White Lotus Group combines a team of broad skills to facilitate creative solutions to development requirements. The team includes feasibility, legal/zoning review, and complete end-to-end pricing.

Whether utilizing specified professional services or our in-house team, the Company is able to assist organizations with a wide variety of requirements.


White Lotus Group offers services in master planning, architecture, strategic programming, multi-family, interior architecture, and design-build solutions. The design studio is comprised of architects, designers and artists committed to finding creative and meaningful solutions through a culture of continuous investigation and collaboration. The design team works closely with construction and development teams to direct the project program and deliver on client needs and scope requirements. Each project is assigned a team that will be the client point of contact from beginning of design to occupancy of the project. Within the collaborative environment we focus on ideas based around contextual project development, people and individual client needs. Each project is evaluated closely with the goal creating effective and sustainable projects that engage the personal experience and endeavor to reveal the expressive and contextual potential unique to each project.


White Lotus Group focuses on a design-build approach to projects in order to maintain control of scope and work directly with the owner and design team during design and construction. It’s a great approach for clients who know what they want up front, because it streamlines delivery. It simplifies procurement of design and construction services, offering customers the convenience of dealing with a single point of contact.

Projects are often awarded to design-build teams who compete on qualifications and sometimes price. The owner’s request for services may contain reasonably solid design criteria or preliminary sketches only. In the latter case we’d use our own architectural consultants to advance our design proposal. Price is fixed early in the process, although the owner may negotiate the price until design is finalized by the winning contender. With this approach we’re responsible for all phases of the building process. In fact, we’re 100% responsible for building performance and materials long after project close-out, an advantage that gives the owner added security when embarking on a Design-Build contract. Using this delivery method, we have found great success to ensure the delivery of outstanding projects meet the owner’s needs and budget.


With its primary portfolio being owned and operated, White Lotus Group has recently begun offering property management services as a solution geared to operate “as if it was owned by White Lotus.”

Too often there is a mentality towards “other people’s money”; however, White Lotus prides itself on managing properties “as we already do for ourselves.”


Beyond participating in a creative execution of projects, White Lotus prides itself on creative financing structures to address all its clients’ needs from: Equity, Debt, Mezzanine Financing.

White Lotus Group has consulting in tax-exempt projects, tax increment financing (TIF), historic tax credits, and Low Income Housing Tax credits (LIHTC) as prospective programs for alternative financing structures.


White Lotus employs agents and lawyers that have licenses in the State of Nebraska and surrounding states. With a large network of professionals, the Company can assist the needs of its clients through selling, purchasing, leasing, or any other type of related services. Beyond internal capacity, White Lotus Group is a participant with a network of other agents should this be required.

Other capacities include drafting, reviewing, and analyzing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) as required by specific clients.